Sunday, 23 February 2014

My very first Photography Portfolio

I think I have finally found, or have gotten closer to finding, what I would like to do for a living: take photographs.  

I am really tired of having to explain why choosing not to graduate from Illustration, the program I am currently attending, is not giving up. Rather, it is the act of taking with me what I came to explore and moving on to find myself further. I discovered my love for photography while still at university, and my goal with illustration had always been a side experiment, and that it will remain.
My photography portfolio was a much easier process since I had so many photographs I had taken over the years to choose from, that it was not necessary to re-shoot anything.

When it comes to drawing, I am much more picky between the fine art and commercial world and what I like and dislike. Photography however, is a world, to me, that seems to be a range of the same thing. Whether it be for a gallery or magazine spread, I innately gravitate towards picking up that camera and giving it a go. I will always intend on impressing myself with what I can do.

 -Scribbly Doodle

Artist Statement: 

"I photograph light, but more than that, an atmosphere, and ultimately, a story. My work varies from Fine Art to commercial, but I approach every photograph with the same mindset. I see photography as a playing field in which I am less influenced by specific works or photographers, and more inspired by what there is to capture. Through street photography, I play with the idea of bringing attention to what goes unnoticed, finding and enhancing the aesthetic of beauty in mundane subject matter. I believe the process does not end; rather, it begins when shutter is released. 

 Scenic 1:
 Scenic 2:
 Still Life 1:
  Still Life 2:
  Creative Self-Portrait:
 Portrait 1:
 Portrait 2:
 Choice 1:
 Choice 2:
 Choice 3:

Monday, 25 February 2013

The Journey of Completing a Portfolio for Art School

I remember saying at the start of this blog that I am not a consistent artist; I was right. For the past month, I have been overwhelmed with the academia of my last year of University and the task of completing my college portfolio. Throughout the month, I have still been writing, just not blogging. Now that I have completed my portfolio, I want to share what was in my head along the way.

To begin, I discovered something: I don't like being pressured to draw. It's like my brain is saying to me "no, don't pick up that pencil", because I know it won't be fun. When I do not absolutely have to do something, I won't. I call this "extreme procrastination".

Writing my feelings down helps me release the build-up of tension that goes through my mind on a daily basis. Blogging used to be such a stress-relieving way to vent my emotions. Ever since I stopped, I feel an accumulated frustration with my work and myself.

I don't think my portfolio is anything particularly impressive, but I am confident I did the best with what ability and time I had and hope it will be enough to get me accepted.

-Scribbly Doodle



angry hand
pleading hand
single object
still life composition
room view 1
room view 2
additional painting of light and shadow study